Hearts + Minds

hearts + minds

The heart feels before the mind processes. In other words, we process our external environment firstly though the sensation of how it makes us feel before we make sense of what that feeling means. From experience, I think this applies to both music and life.

As a music listener, we are always moved by the emotion of a song – the melody, the notes, the tone and the overall vibe enters our being before we get into the technical aspects of deciphering lyrics and analysing arrangements. This is why music is often referred to as the “universal language”. It does not require understanding of the technical aspects to feel or be moved by a song. Certainly, as a songwriter, I always aim to attach myself to the underlying mood of the music before anything else… the heart leads the way. From there, the mind takes over and the lyrics and arrangements begin to form into a cohesive song.

To me, life occurs in a similar manner. For instance, in situations where we connect so deeply with someone for the first time, or have a “gut-feeling” that something is not quite right, this is the heart providing us feedback. How we choose to respond to this feedback is a decision made by the mind.

I have decided to create “HEARTS & MINDS” - a phrase inspired by my good friend and producer Jimi Maroudas, to represent the magical intersection between music and life. It is my aim to use music, as a vessel to outwardly impact life in a positive way and “HEARTS & MIND” is the platform, which will enable this vision to become action. Whether as a stand alone entity, or by aligning with community groups and charities, “HEARTS & MINDS” will be used to inspire others less fortunate and those in need, by providing hope, love and a sense of togetherness through the gift of music.

White Ribbon’s vision is to create a nation that respects women, in which every woman lives in safety, free from all forms of men’s abuse. They engage men to make women’s safety a man’s issue too.

The Warriors of Light is a movement created by Elizabeth Deserbelles to assist the under-privileged. Every fortnight, a group of volunteers set up the Harmsworth Hall in Collingwood - Victoria, like a restaurant so the under-privileged can dine with dignity. To date, The Warriors of Light have served over 1000 meals to those in need.

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